THE HANGOVER REPORT – Lucinda Childs’ minimalist “Dance” is gorgeously revived at the Joyce

Lucinda Childs Dance Company performs "Dance" at the Joyce Theater

Lucinda Childs Dance Company performs “Dance” at the Joyce Theater

I recently had the chance to catch Lucinda Childs Dance Company perform its seminal 1979 “Dance”. The three-piece evening length ballet, performed to a score by Philip Glass and projected video design by Sol LeWitt, features Ms. Childs’ trademark minimalism. Hypnotic in its repetitious, slowly evolving steps, the choreography is an ideal companion to Mr. Glass’s music. Although many ballets have been set to Mr. Glass’s music, few have captured the very essence of his music-making philosophy quite as purely as Ms. Childs (which is probably why she was given charge of choreographing the revivals of his game-changing “opera” Einstein on the Beach).

The mounting of “Dance” at the Joyce was pristine, with all aspects of production – choreography, dancers, design, music – coming together seamlessly. Minimalism may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but when it’s as beautifully put together as this “Dance”, it’s hard to argue its mesmeric qualities. The piece is a gorgeous exercise in getting to the essential relationships between movement, music, and design.



The Joyce Theater
55 minutes (without an intermission)

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