About Me (Adrian Dimanlig)

IMG_2672I am a life-long performing arts fan devoted to the search for artistic and intellectual excellence and moments of transcendence. My involvement in the arts includes participating for a number of years as a Joseph Jefferson Awards Committee Member in Chicago, as well as a Nominator for the Drama Desk Awards in New York. In addition, I am also current member of both the American Theatre Critics Association and the International Association of Theatre Critics.  The never-ending search for revelatory theatrical experiences has led me across the performing arts (theater, dance, opera, music, cabaret, circus arts, performance art … you name it, I cover it) and performances large and small (Broadway, Off-Broadway, Off-Off-Broadway, regional, tours). As of this publication, I have attended nearly 5,000 performances across the United States and around the world. I believe that alchemy occurs in the physical space shared between storyteller and audience. I also ascribe to the idea that the ephemeral nature of performance is a microcosm for our time here on this rock.


  • Angela says:

    Congratulations on this website! This blog! You tweet! I am so happy you are fulfilling your dream and getting to share your passion with the world! I miss seeing shows with you. When are you coming to visit (besides coming to the wedding)? XOXO, Angela

  • Jeff Atkinson says:

    Yay, Adrian, very happy for you! Your knowledge, insight and experience of the arts are just to great not to share with others. I’m still get mileage from these experiences with you and will be tuning in for continued arts inspiration.

  • Jennifer Tyndall says:

    I love your blog!!

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